SSB interview Tests

SSB interview is a five to six days long interview held by Indian Army, Navy and Air Force selection boards. So far, SSB interview is the longest interview held in India. Here is the complete detailed procedure followed in the SSB interview.

5 day SSB interview tests and tips to crack
Official picture of SSB interview where candidates are reporting to SSB board.

SSB interview stages

There are two stages in SSB interview.

SSB interview stage I

SSB interview stage I is also called as screening test of SSB. Candidates appearing in SSB must pass the stage I of SSB in order to proceed to SSB stage II testing.

Following two tests are held as part of SSB stage I testing.

  1. Officers Intelligence Rating (OIR) or Intelligence Test
  2. Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)
SSB day 1 psychology test being held by psychologists
Candidates participating in group discussion after narrating their story in Picture Perception and Description Test on day 1 of SSB interview.

Generally these two SSB tests will be held on the SSB day 1. After completion of tests, results will be announced and candidates who get screened in will have to stay back and proceed for stage II of SSB interview.

SSB interview stage II testing

Stage II testing of SSB interview is an extensive four to five days process where numerous tests will be held to test qualities of candidates appearing in the SSB interview.

SSB psychology tests conducted by psycholgist
Candidates attempting SSB psychology tests such as TAT, WAT, SRT, Self Description and PIQ.

Stage II of SSB interview will be very tiring for aspirants. At the end of stage II of SSB interview candidates who are recommended by the selection board will have to stay back for medical examination.

Types of SSB interview tests

SSB interview tests can be broadly classified in two types i.e, psychology tests and GTO. Stage I SSB tests are purely categorised as psychology tests. Where as, SSB stage II tests are mixture of psychology and GTO tests.

Psychology Tests of SSB interview

Following are psychology tests conducted during the SSB interview stage I testing

  • OIR / Intelligence Test – SSB stage I
  • PPDT – SSB stage I

Below tests are held in stage II testing of SSB.

  • Word Association Test – WAT
  • Thematic Apperception Test – TAT
  • Self Description – SD
  • Personal Interview – PI
  • Situation Reaction Test – SRT
  • Personal Information Questionnaire – PIQ
  • Conference


Following tests are conducted by GTO of SSB during stage II.

  • Group Discussion – GD
  • Lecturette
  • Military Planning Exercise – MPE
  • Progressive Group Task – PGT
  • Full Group Task – FGT
  • Half Group Task – HGT
  • Command Task
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Snake Race
SSB day 3 GTO test of lecturette
SSB aspirants participating in lecturette as part of GTO tests.
SSB day 3 individual obstacles GTO test
Official image of a candidate doing individual obstacles as part of SSB GTO test.
SSB day 4 GTO full group task test
Candidates competing with other groups as part of SSB full group task.
SSB day 4 GTO snake race test
Candidates carrying their rope snake as part of snake race of SSB interview.

5 day SSB interview testing procedure

Here we have provided SSB interview tests for each day. Go through these to get familiarisation of SSB interview.

So this article was all about complete 5 day SSB interview procedure.


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